23 October 2009

The Storr

This walk report first appeared on walkhighlands.com and follows the route described there.

The Storr (Isle of Skye) or Lean to the Right as Ya Go

29 Aug 2009

We thought we'd pay a visit to the Old Man of Storr, and thence head up to The Storr for an easy walk.

Continuing our impeccable choice of weather, we were hit by a squall just as we were leaving the Old Man (pictured),


and which continued until we had done most of our descent on the southern side of the Storr. Image

So again our Memento From the Top is two foolishly grinning faces in thick grey air.


The Storr never got its head out of the clouds that day.

Not much more to say, as the route has been really well described except to say stay well west when descending from the cairn in low vis, so as to keep right of the first gully, and that the further north of the two ascent routes described (ie the gentler climb) is easier to pick in close fog.

What was remarkable to us was how strong the wind was. Definitely our windiest walk, though not quite blowing us over.


After that, we visited Kilt Falls and saw the most magnificent double rainbow from the cliff. At times, nearly 3/4 full.


As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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