02 June 2010

Overland Track Jan 2000 - Day 10

Barn Bluff and Lake Rodway

On the penultimate day, we did climb Barn Bluff, and were rewarded with a stunning view of Lake Will from above it. It literally felt like you could dive off and land in the water. We all felt like we had achieved something, having had to have two goes at it (having had to have???).
Left: Atop Barn Bluff, Mt Oakleigh behind us, Mt Pelion East to the right.
Below: Lake Will from Barn Bluff.

After another high altitude lunch (Barn Bluff is higher than Cradle Mountain), we dropped down to Scott-Kilvert Hut, on the shores of Lake Rodway, which is on the other side of Cradle Mountain. The ground was far too stony to camp (the two reasonable tent sites were taken), so we bedded in the hut. This felt quite strange, and was made more sleepless by a full moon blazing through the skylight. Still, the rats were very considerate, and you had to listen extremely carefully to hear them at all.
Right: Cradle Mtn from Barn Bluff. Lake Rodway is to the right of and well below Cradle Mtn.

As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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