03 January 2010

Dhaulagiri Circuit Oct 2006, Days 7-8

Conifer forest and subalpine (3000m-3500m)

The next two days were spent climbing another 500m to 3500m and then acclimatising for one day in the sub-alpine area (come to think of it, it's probably alpine!) known to us as Italian base-camp.

Climbing towards "Italian" Base Camp. We could see white stuff again, but that wasn't Dhaulagiri I.

Taken from Italian Base CampUntitled

Dhaulagiri Himal
The Dhaulagiri Himal, from above Italian Base Camp.
LtoR: Tsaurabong, Dhaulagiris V, III and II.
LtoR: Galgeon, Thakur and Helen

You can Lean on MeGalgeon, Thakur and Helen. Acclimatising day walk above Italian Base Camp.

Hard to photograph, as you normally hear them before you see them.
There are sections of the trek further up that are exposed to avalanches, but we had no trouble, as there was very little snow around.
Near Italian Base Camp

After resting for a day, it was time to press onwards and upwards. The next few days, we'd be travelling along the Chhonbarang Glacier, past Base Camp and towards French Col and Hidden Valley.

As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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