05 January 2010

Dhaulagiri Circuit Oct 2006, Days 9-11

Chhonbarang Glacier

The next three days were spent picking our way up the Chhonbarang Glacier, past various Dhaulagiri Base Camps. We camped at Japanese Base Camp, Dhaulagiri Base Camp and Hidden Valley.

Heading up the Myagdi Khola towards Japanese Base Camp.

Japanese Base Camp (4168m)The first of several days on the Chhondarban Glacier. We even slept on it...
Japanese Base Camp (4168m)

The Chhondarban Glacier had some tricky sections that needed some care and some step cutting to get over. In this section, our guide - Thakur - and one of his sherpas - Galgeon - were scouting the ridges to find a safe route. Our other sherpa - Khaji - was taking the rest of the porters through an alternate route.
Check out the stunning geology of this region!
Chhondarban Glacier
Our Guides

Sunrise from Dhaulagiri Base Camp
Sunrise from Dhaulagiri Base Camp (4760m).
The two obvious "peaks" are unnamed foothills of Dhaulagiri I, lurking behind at 8167m.

Family Snap #498Family Snap #498
With Dhaulagiri I (7th highest mountain in the world) in the background

Just coming off the lateral moraine below French Col at the top of the Chhondarban GlacierView to French Pass

Dhaulagiri IView south from below French Pass

Tukuche and Dhaulagiri I from lateral moraine just below French Pass
180° Panorama showing lateral moraine ahead (left) and behind (right) at the upper reaches of the Chhonbaran Glacier
We're at about 5100m. Tukuche (centre) is 6920m, Dhaulagiri I (8167m) is to the right, slipping away down the valley.

View from French Pass
Taken: 8th October 2006 Stitched from 12 shots with ptgui
LtoR: Tukuche Peak, Dhaulagiri I, Sita Chuchura, Hongde Himal (west of Hidden Valley)
Joseph, a porter, Siobhan, Andrew with GPS, unknown, Glen peeing
Helen took the photos, I stitched them.

UntitledTaken from French Pass (5374m) looking back towards Dhaulagiri I (8167m)

Stunning toilet view
Tukuche Peak and our Toilet Tent by the light of the setting moon and approaching sun

As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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