02 May 2010

Frenchman's Cap Jan 2003 - Day 3

Frenchmans Cap

Panorama East from Frenchmans Cap

There is no way to do this view justice with photos. The panorama above was assembled from about six photos. I did a second layer to get more of the feeling of height, but it was too distorted! The eastern face of Frenchman's Cap - shown left - at over 300 metres (1000 feet), is the sheerest vertical drop on the Australian continent (and makes for great rockclimbing). In the pic above, you can see Sharlands Peak, Barron Pass (about 1/4 way along) and Philps Peak. Below Philps are Lakes Cecily, Gertrude, Magdalen and Millicent. Clytemnestra is shown from the north and above, this time.

There's no mistaking, this is why you walk through over half a day of mud and climb up and down hundreds and hundreds of metres. On the clearest of days, you can see to the coast, to peaks in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair NP, and in many directions it is easy to ignore any sign of human intrusion.

In the middle of the photo to the left you can just see some specks on the "knee" of the edge, probably Glen and Joseph. They like heights.

Right, two families atop Frenchmans. Back row, us Purdams, Glen, Helen, Andrew and Joseph. Front row, Sally, Matt, Jenny and Glen.

Lake Tahune mood shotBy the time we had descended, some cloud had blown in, billowing over Frenchmans Cap. If we had stayed at Lake Vera the previous night, we would have had a much more restricted view from the top of Frenchmans that afternoon. It rained that night, hailed and snowed the next day.

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As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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