16 May 2010

Overland Track Jan 2000 - Day 2

The Acropolis

The Acropolis (left) with about 600 metres of climbing, was the first and the most demanding day trip we did. Here are Helen and the boys stopping to breathe. Because of the height, it also offers some stunning 360 degree views, letting you look straight down the Lake St Clair valley (in background), as well as straight across to Mt Geryon, a very dramatic rocky outcrop. The Acropolis itself was covered in flowers. (Do excuse the clunky panorama, but it was compiled over ten years ago, before both ptgui and cheap archiving...)

Acropolis 270 degree panorama

Stitched from 5 and 4 photos using ptgui
270 degree from The Acropolis looking south and west, then north west to north east.
Top: From left to right, Mt Gould, the Labyrinth, Mt Eros, bit of Mt Geryon
Bottom: Mt Geryon, Mount Massif, Mt Ossa (b/g), Falling Mountain (and that's only the left half of the horizon!), and in the f/g a bit of the Acropolis.

The barrel distortion and dark fringes on this old camera were phenomenal, making for some badly banded panoramas.

As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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