08 May 2010

Frenchman's Cap Jan 2003 - Day 5

Irenabyss to Mary Creek Plain

Very few photos were taken this day (this one is of the rafting party departing from the opposite bank), as it rained incessantly and views were restricted. Despite a trail not being marked on the map, there is a pad (in places indistinct) to follow up from the Irenabyss, and most of the way to the Mary Creek plain. It rained and rained and rained, making lunch pretty cold and miserable. However the landscape was still beautiful. We reached the Mary Creek plain and discovered that it is a very wet button-grass plain. Not muddy - because there was no track - but extremely wet underfoot and very uneven. Broken ankles felt inevitable but fortunately none eventuated.

We searched for flat spaces to camp but alas there are none. Anything near flat was muddy. It was whilst we were scouting (ultimately unsuccessfully) for good camping sites that we realised Mary Creek's other great minus - a secret hidden amongst the grass. It was crawling with leeches. The combination of the weather and leeches made this stopover particularly unpleasant, and there was little else to do other than hastily erect our tents, dive in them and spend the rest of the day finding leeches on our clothes and removing them into the fly of the tents!

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As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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