27 March 2010

Western Arthurs Jan 2003, Day 1

Huon Campground to Junction Creek

Junction Creek, about 8km south from Huon Campground, is a designated scrubdown area, to prevent phytophthera cinnamomi ("dieback" - a root-killing fungus) spreading into uninfected areas. So having just successfully navigated several muddy or wet pools, you have no option but to stand in the freezing stream with a scrubbing brush getting all the mud off your boots whilst they fill up with water.

The weather was undecided as to whether it was going to be fine or not, leaving the approaching range looking rather formidable in grey cloud. Shown here is Mt Hayes (behind the tree) and Capella Crags. Moraine A is rightmost, ascending off-camera to the right to Mt Hesperus.

As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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