28 March 2010

Western Arthurs Jan 2003, Day 4

Lake Oberon to High Moor

The next morning dawned bright and sunny and the day rapidly became warm as we headed up Mt Pegasus, the first of two significant climbs/traversals today, to take us to High Moor. Looking back, we see Mt Sirius rising sheer above Lake Oberon. You can see the faint track crossing the flat at the bottom to the campsite.

Up to now, our campsites have been on lake edges, traditionally about 200 metres below where we traverse, which is mostly along the ridge line. This makes for an extremely interesting, but very "uppy downy" day's work. Nothing like Nepal, perhaps, but the best that an old continent like Australia can do.

Descending from Mt Capricorn, the second peak of our traverse today, is remarkable in how steep it is. It would be quite treacherous in the wet, and looks like it will crumble away in the next decade. It was definitely not wet on this day, however, and we were left desperately thirsty after two climbs and some good Tassy highland sun (see picture of a thirsty Joseph below...)

We finished our final half-hour of the day's walk dragging our tired and thirsty selves over the saddle above High Moor. Arriving at the High Moor campsite, we were delighted to find a reliable water source, and surprised to find a track worker's hut - dropped in there like a lost and lonely caravan-without-wheels. However, no-one was about and indeed we didn't meet anyone from Lake Oberon until Junction Creek three days later.

As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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