27 March 2010

Western Arthurs Jan 2003, Day 3

Lake Cygnus to Lake Oberon

You can see the track meander towards the sandy shore of Lake Cygnus. The campsite is to the right of the lowest section of track, set amongst the edge of the scrub.

From cave towards Square LakeSquare Lake is an extraordinary ... well, cirque is not the right word ... "squarque".
Surrounded by sheer walls (mainly rock) on three sides, it sports a cave up the north-western side, which is quite explorable. I took this interestingly framed pic from just inside the cave, the roof creating an artificial mountain range, the true skyline being reflected in the lake, and imitated by the near "shoreline".
The approach was filled with scratchy pandanii, which dot the lower section of this photo.

From Mt Sirius (just "upwards and right" from Square Lake), you can look eastwards and see a lot of what you need to do the next day. Here are Lake Oberon, with Mt Pegasus behind it and the ridge to Mt Capricorn and Dorado Peak behind that (but we don't go over Dorado, we continue to the right, into the misty High Moor).

Lake Oberon dusk ... er ... dawn.Lake Oberon was another particularly pretty lake. Honestly, the Western Arthurs is full of 'em. It is one of - if not the - largest lakes in the area. And they're all really cold, even in mid summer.

As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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