30 March 2010

Western Arthurs Jan 2003 - Day 6

High Moor to Lake Vesta

We started early to give ourselves lots of time to get through this section, as we didn't know how difficult it might be. As it was, the Beggary Bumps weren't really that much of a problem. However, there was the odd treacherous spot, one offered by the "Tilted Chasm", a scree-strewn gully which, because of its width and steep sides, could only be negotiated one at a time, otherwise cascades of loose rock could be sent down on the poor gauntlet-runner before you. It was begun with a pretty ugly, handholdless clamber, before the fun began. Think of a bowling alley where you are both the ball and a skittle. Here, Glen is making his way down (almost directly in the middle of the picture). The whole thing made for quite slow progress, as it took about ten minutes each to get down, and we were a party of five.

Next before us was the dramatic, though pretty basic, Taurus Spur. As described in yesterday's view, we traverse from left to right before curving back leftwards. The unmistakable gap "between the horns" of Taurus are in the middle of the picture. We then cut down below the face of the eastern horn to the broad saddle to its left before dropping to Haven Lake. At the back is Mt Aldebaran.

So we got to our evening goal, Haven Lake, in time for lunch. It is a pretty spot, though many point out that it is not such a Haven in bad weather. However it looked sheltered enough for us in the good weather whilst we were there. It is the last platform and dunny spot before descending Moraine K. It has some beautiful King William Pines about the place.
Those getting here early enough could probably have a go at Mt Aldebaran in the afternoon. However, we decided to press on past the gorgeous Lake Serona and Mt Scorpio to Lake Vesta.

Looking back at what we had done already today, we see, from left to right, and ignoring the miraculously unnamed tor in the foreground, Haven Lake, ridging back to Mt Taurus, ridging down the right behind the tor to the Dragon, the Beggary Bumps (with Lake Mimas in front and Mt Shaula to the right), and Mt Columba in the background.

Glen Joseph, Ls Prom, Juno and VestaOur final high spot was Mt Scorpio. Most things felt dramatically "down" from here, especially eastwards, as shown here with Promontory Lake, Lake Juno and a snatch of Lake Vesta. I believe the boys were safe, though this photo will never help me think so. That stomach lurching effect has nothing to do with the camera lens - which is your average lens - it's to do with looking down from a height!

So our final campsite was snuggled down at Lake Vesta, adjacent to Lake Juno, pictured here. It was an extremely pretty site, but not encouraged for use as it is less able to deal with campers than the more prepared sites. As usual the "bath" water was freezing, and we left it to the boys to spend a ludicrous amount of time splashing about in it, pretending to be ice breakers. An apparently appealing way to spend the end of a long day.

As seen on Andrew Purdam's Bushwalking Treasure Box blog.

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